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 Corporate Taylor-made Training (CTT) is a powerful tool developed to meet the specific needs of your organization.

The unique individual- and group-centered approach
based on coaching, team building and group activities sessions and
empowered by a continuous process of self-reflection
is designed to include each and every individual in the company
from the lowest to the highest level of operation.


400 CEOs of the Top 500 companies worldwide report that the assistance of a qualified professional coach was a critical factor in their success.

What is CTT?

CTT is a new generation of program development and implementation designed to serve the specific needs of each individual organization.
It comprises a carefully designed combination of methods used in
personal and professional coaching, therapy and psychology such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), NLPt (Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy), Human Design etc.
The application of such methods in a manner most befitting your company will enable your organization
to correctly identify and work with the weaknesses in order
to improve employee performance and productivity.

What is different about CTT? What isn’t CTT?

CTT is an exclusive service uniquely suited for each individual client.
The process involves research and assessment of the specific needs of the organization.
CTT is not just any general training on teambuilding and group activities.
It does not rely on merely theoretical generalizations or impractical decision-making and strategy development.
The foundation of CTT is the work with the emotional state of each person and its impact on one’s professional life.

Why do you need CTT?

Organizations are commonly and appropriately compared to living organisms. Accordingly, what supports this organism are the people who work for it every day. If you want your organization to be strong, healthy and maturing, you need to invest in your main asset and unique competitive advantage, which is, namely, the people who make your organization.
Quite often, we simply don’t know how to address the challenges we face within the organization, or we might not even know what these challenges are.
Time constraints seem not allow us to really address the important issues, we then don’t pay much attention to and don’t invest much effort into talking to people and getting to know them a bit better, who they are and what they really feel.
Here is why and where you can start applying the methods of CCT and build a new organizational culture.

If you are an employer/CEO/manager who wants to facilitate the personal and professional development of your employees, to make them aware of their strengths and capabilities and inspire employee loyalty, CTT is the best choice for you.

What are the benefits of CTT?

At the initial stages, CTT requires your involvement in acquainting the coach with the corporate identity, structure, functioning and current state of you company as well as your employees.

It addresses issues such as:
Employee satisfaction;
Employee performance;
Employee productivity;
Increasing self-awareness;
Systems implementation;
Stimulating creativity and innovation
and much more…

The process of CTT involves:
1. Organizational Needs Assessment;
2. Employee Assessment;
3. Program Design /Based on results/;
4. Implementation;
5. Analyses and Feedback;
6. Checkpoint Meeting /After implementation period/.

How long is the duration of the training?

The duration of the training depends on the current state of the organization and the opportunities and challenges encountered.
The period can take between 2 weeks and 2-3 months.
After the training has finished, the facilitator pays a visit to the clients to insure the successful implementation of the processes.

Where does it take place?

The training can take place at the office of the client and/or the workplace of the employees involved in the program. It can also include some outdoor activities.


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