Life Unlimited Bali

23rd of FEB – 1sh of MAR 2015,

 BALI, Indonesia

Are You Ready For More LOVE,

Than You Ever Believed Possible?


Welcome to LIFE UNLIMITED – the ultimate transformational seminar for women that can change your life forever!

It is no coincidence that you have arrived here and are reading this now. Something or someone has brought you here and this moment can change everything completely.

is once in a lifetime EXPERIENCE,
and is for WOMEN who are READY TO
change their lives,
transform their limitations,
dive in 100% and
begin living their LIFE UNLIMITED

This experience is not for everybody.
Keep on reading only if:

This experience is not for everybody. Keep on reading only if:

  • You strongly believe that you have a great hidden potential and power you want to tap into;
  • You have an awake spirit and love travelling and discovering new things about yourself;
  • Evolvement is your natural state and you are ready to step up to the next level;
  • You are a person who believes that there is “no way there is no way”, when it comes to your dreams and goals;
  • You have read many books, have been to many seminars etc.;
  • You want to have an experience that will deeply and lastinlgy transform your life for the better;
  • You have achieved a lot so far and still you know there is so much more to make happen and you feel ready now;


Does this sound like you? Then keep reading.
This adventure is only for chosen ones.
Whether you are going to be chosen is entirely up to YOU.
It is a matter of your inner motivation to rise beyond your own limitations and pass the test which your mind will put you to, all the obstacles it will put in front of you.


Obstacles such as:

  • ‘I can’t!’;
  • ‘That’s not for me!’;
  • ‘I’m fine the way I am, what’s there to change?!’.

Are you ready to free yourself from limitations and reach the place where anything is possible?
A place of inner peace and calm where everything is up to you and you can make it happen?
Where there are no limits?
No restrictions?

The only limit in your life is the limit in your own thinking.
“My name is Nina Ray and I have been fortunate to help many women, in the last five years, through my seminars, and even before that, through the various methods which I have been studying and creating.
I have assisted many others to be more successful, braver, more loved and most of all happier. I embrace the responsibility to guide you on your own path to true lasting happiness.
This is, in fact, my calling: to help others make miracles with their lives. But only if they are ready for it.
There are times in life, when you feel you want
TO BE MORE THAN WHAT YOU ARE in that moment,

You want to live the magnificence of your own true potential, which unfolds smoothly and delightfully and manifests directly in your life, showing you how much you can achieve and how infinite you are indeed.
Do you remember the moments when you were PROUD OF YOURSELF THE MOST? Aren’t these moments in fact the time when you have said NO to fears and YES to BIG DREAMS.
I believe that deep inside you already know if this experience is right for you and whether you are READY FOR IT. Are you ready to take the next step?”

~Nina Ray~

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