Success Stories

I feel great after the seminar- happy, looking forward to new adventures, relaxed about the future. Life unlimited gave me love, confidence, support. I learned how to be myself, how to love myself the way I am, how to be open to receive, how to believe:)

H.D., participant in Life Unlimited 1, June 2012


After Life Unlimited, I feel confident and ready for a new life without any limits. The seminar gave me a feeling of completeness, the one that I was missing so far, as well as a lot of excitement and support. I realized how happy I am actually, I just forgot it for a while.

V.T., participant in Life Unlimited 2, October 2012


I used to be filled with FEAR… my typical state was constant heart palpitations, panic attacks, suspense and fear, fear when breathing, fear even when laughing…Because what would follow after the laugh was going to be terrible. My relationships with the people around me were built so that they could feel good no matter that this would mean that I would not- this was my way of living at the time.. Until one day I met Nina and I took part in Life Unlimited. She helped me change tremendously my way of thinking and the way I perceived my life, she helped me fall in love with myself, stand for my position of being a woman. Nina is a lovely lady to whom I can only say one huge “THANK YOU!”

A.Ch., participant in Life Unlimited 3, February 2013


To all the ladies that have come across Life Unlimited and still are wondering whether to dive into the adventure of their lives, I would like to share with lots of love my own impressions of the seminar once I have been through it: If you are ready to reach your limits, to let go everything familiar that keeps you in your comfort zone for good and for bad, then you can know for sure that LIFE UNLIMITED is going to provide you with a completely new beginning…. the one of living your life with no limits- like a fairy tale:)

D.P., participant in Life Unlimited 3, February 2013.


What I truly believe in, is that those who are searching, sooner or later will find what they are looking for. I had hidden myself in a deep and dark place. Nina helped me go out-in the brightness. I had been living full of regret for 26 years… After I met her, I re-found the joy…It is true! I ended up ready for it. Though there is still a lot more that I wish for and expect from myself I already know that everything happens in the right moment. I am already able to support myself and to be open for the support of the important people in my life. I re-discovered and keep on re-discovering myself every day. This is what is crucial for me.

C.A., participant in Life Unlimited 3, February 2013


I have always been an explorer looking for the meaning of life. Year after year I managed to get knowledge which didn’t actually make me happier. Exactly the opposite, I started feeling misunderstood by those around me which often led to conflicts with other people and with myself. Because of this I was reading even more in order to get whose fault it is and in the end I used to end up considering that the other people were guilty and I was the victim. And I was suffering from that. This used to be my everyday life until I met Nina and she managed to change it. I was lucky to have the chance to observe myself and how I started changing under the influence of her tender voice, her beautiful and warm eyes, her kind smile and huge heart which spreads around love and acceptance all the time… And then I realized that in order for you to change and grow you do not only need to know something that is written in the books, but you need someone to provide you with that wisdom with a lot of love, someone to lead you with a lot of patience and understanding towards your life unlimited… I would never forget this feeling. Now I am in love with this very same life and these very same people around me to whom I am able to express the understanding I was taught by Nina. This has attracted new miracles in my life. I am happy!!!!!

D.I. participant in Life Unlimited 4, June 2013


What I was before “Life Unlimited” came into my life? Well, I was simply LOST. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I was blaming myself for my insecurities. I constantly doubted every decision I made. I was afraid that if I showed the people around me who I was as a person, they would laugh at me and I will be left alone and unloved.Today, I am still the same woman, yet I am so different. My attitude about life has changed significantly. Thanks to “Life Unlimited” I have learned to accept myself for who I am – a beautiful and confident woman. Yes, I still have my “little fears and self-doubts”. I know them; I welcome them; I understand them. I am aware that they are part of me, but realize that I am so much more than my insecurities. That’s why I don’t let them define who I am as a person. I am proud to be ME. I love myself and I know that no matter what happens I will be okay.

V.P., participant in Life Unlimited 5, October 2013


From “Life Unlimited” To El Camino De Santiago

Now I am CERTAIN – For me “Life Unlimited” was the first step on my path to self-discovery and Nina – the person who led me on to it. People often call her a “fairy”, but don’t expect miracles from her, because you are going to find them in yourself. But only, if you allow Nina to take you on that amazing journey.
She won’t fulfill your dreams by waving a magic wand, but she will touch your heart and give you the necessary courage to make them come true on your own.
She won’t take you to the top, but she will give you a set of wings that will help you get on your own.

Several Months Earlier:
I had the extraordinary opportunity to participate in the fourth edition of “Life Unlimited” earlier this year. After the seminar was over, I felt as if I have taken the first step of a very special journey. Let me be honest, I still had absolutely no idea where it was going to lead me, but I felt more alive than ever. I was 120% certain that I was walking in the right direction.

You see, for many years, I have had one simple, yet so complicated dream. I wanted more than anything else in the worlds to have the chance to experience “El Camino De Santiago”. As much as I desired to set on this extraordinary journey I have always managed to find some excuses, any excuses that would stop me from making my dream become a reality.

You see after I participated in the seminar “Life Unlimited” everything had changed for me. Because of the amazing set of circumstances surrounding the seminar, I finally found the courage the allow myself to experience “El Camino De Santiago”.
Yes, I stopped searching for excuses and decided to follow my intuition and the advices of all the lovely ladies that I had the chance to meet during the seminar. They were my pillar of support and showed me that I can achieve anything.

So, what is “El Camino De Santiago”?
Well my dear friends, according to the mass media it is 800-kilometers journey by foot that takes from one small French city – San Jan to the Spanish cathedral El Camino De Santiago.
But according to me – “El Camino De Santiago” is a 800-kilometers journey that lead me to discover who I am as a person; I had the chance to understand what is the true meaning of freedom, love, and the things that make people truly happy.

I want to give one huge “THANK YOU” to Nina, and to all of you who are about to embark on your own magical journey “GOOD LUCK”

D.D. , Participant in Life Unlimited 3, February 2013


I am one of those emotional people devoted to everyone and everything. One of those who love with all their heart and passion; who give away everything they got to the last bit… Yes! I am one of those whose hearts ache from loving and whose brains explode from thinking and worry … One of those whose souls are torn by pain and compassion and sympathy for … everyone and everything … but for themselves.

I blame myself for all my failures; I chide myself quite often for all sorts of things, many of them, trifles. I realize this. I’m not happy with myself… Sometimes I am even disappointed. I blame myself that I am currently unemployed and I am worried that I am a burden for my family.

That was me before the seminar…

My participation in Life Unlimited was the biggest challenge and the most wonderful adventure in my life. I came with a great deal of excitement, anxiety, and fear of the unknown. I didn’t know what to expect; I had no idea what I would face.

To some extent, I was biased. I did not think that someone could affect my life in such a way as to change my thinking and my life. If I were about to participate now from my current position and experience, knowing what this one week will give me, I would not have any doubts. The workshop not only met my expectations, but exceeded them. Every day was full of emotion. It was strong; it was powerful…

Unique! Nina is unique! Yes, Nina! This lovely lady with a magical voice, sunny and kind, full of love and beauty… she became my inspiration! She showed me the way to myself. She taught me self-respect and self-love. She showed me how valuable I am… She believed in me and I believed in myself. So … because of her and her knowledge, loving heart and dedication, I became my inspiration… And I’m so grateful … for everything…

One of the valuable results of the seminar, I not only found myself there, but also I met friends. These wonderful, strong and brave women became so dear to my heart. Even now, after the end of the seminar, we still keep in touch – we call each other, we meet each other, and we support each other. It’s great! Exceptional!

To all of you who have any doubts, do not hesitate, but boldly go into the deep with open hearts to this amazing experience. Life Unlimited is the most beautiful and personal gift that you can make to yourself – this is time and love just for yourself; do it, just because you deserve it. Every woman deserves this! Do not limit yourself! If you have considered participating, just do it, regardless of everything and everyone. Do it for yourself! Take the challenge to leave your loved ones, work, study, and everything for one week… This doesn’t mean that you run away from the reality; that you are selfish; or that you do not love them – just the opposite. It means that you are a brave and determined woman, loving yourself and your family. Because there is nothing better for a child than to see their mother happy and vice versa, there is no happier mother than the one who sees her child loving and confident. And how nice a man would feel when he has beside him calm and stable woman. Because changing the attitude towards yourself, you change the attitude of the other people towards you. Helping yourself, you are helping also your family and friends. Looking at yourself, you learn to see. Listening at yourself, you learn to hear.
Be brave and dive into the adventure of your life. I only can wish this to you from the bottom of my heart, but it’s all in your hands!

Radostina, Participant in Life Unlimited 5, October 2013


Life unlimited-the happiness to be yourself!

It sounds incredible, but I think that I started “preparing” for the seminar many years ago.I believe that there are no coincidences in life and that on a higher level everything is connected.In this line of thoughts, I must confess that I wasn’t surprised that in “Life unlimited” I found the missing part of the puzzle “Life” the absence of which I always felt so strong…
I am only 20 years old, but I have struggled so much in my life that I already feel old. My name is Anna-Maria and before the seminar I would describe myself as a leader who always starts different projects, but at the same time is deeply insecure of her worth and thus- is always seeking attention and approval. My life in the last years was very unhealthy- I always judged myself and others, I was cruel to myself and believed that if I am not looking perfect or if I don’t do everything in a perfect manner, I don’t deserve to be happy or joyful. I was always afraid to fail or commit mistakes. I wanted to get the boys attention and to get them to like me but at the same time- I didn’t like myself at all! I was constantly comparing with every girl I really liked. All this led to not only psychological, but also physical health problems.

Too young I became very depressive and disappointed lady with a “I must prove myself” mania. I was deeply convinced that people want me to be perfect in every aspect of my life and that everything else would be considered a failure. I wanted so badly to receive unconditional love and acceptance without understanding that I had to give them to myself first. I believed that I wasn’t good enough and that I didn’t deserve to feel joy and happiness. I was there for 5 years and now, with so much relieve I see that the first day of the seminar Life unlimited” was the beggining of the end of this tragicomic part of my life. All the transformations and the enlightenment that occurred at the seminar are priceless – they are the lessons of wisdom that most people seek all life without knowing if they will ever find them.I am so lucky to be one of the lucky girls who now can change her reality.. I had a lot of adventures and a lot of struggles to overcome to be at the seminar and I had to risk to come, but as my heart already knew that I had to go no matter what, I went to “Life unlimited”. It was one of the best decisions in my life!
Now I am opening a new page in my life- I am in love with my life and myself, I don’t want to prove ANYTHING, I don’t spent my life in thinking what others might think about me. I am happy with myself and I discovered my biggest power- the power to be a Woman.
I am thankful to all the women from the team and the participants and I can proudly call them my friends. I can not thank enough to Nina and her power to make people happy the way they are. She helped me find my true Me hidden under the millions of beliefs I had for myself. She is a fairy that changes lives, she is a shining and inspiring lady with a big heart. I hope you could meet her too, dear. I promise that she will change your whole world!
Love and light,

Anna-Maria- participant in “Life unlimited” 5, October 2013


Hello My Dear Ladies,
My name is Velina and I am here today to share with you a precious gift – my personal story. To be more precise, I will tell you how I discovered “Life Unlimited” and what happened to me after I attended the seminar. Yes, I consider my words to be a gift. They might change your life, or make you see yourself in an entirely different light. Of course, it’s entirely up to you if you will choose to listen to me 😉
Now that I think about it, my journey towards “Life Unlimited” began in December 2012. The first step was experiencing one of the biggest losses in my life. You see, I had THE perfect plan for the next ten years of my life. I knew exactly what I wanted to see happening. To be honest, I was so wrapped up in it that I didn’t even consider the possibility that something might not go according to my plan.
As some of you may know, life tends to have a funny way of showing us when we are wrong about something. I am not going to burden you with the details, but let’s just say that my perfectly arranged world simply crashed down. As a result, for the next several months I was just passing through life as a mere observer. Those were some of the darkest moments I have ever faced. I am still not sure how I managed to overcome them by myself – apparently I was much stronger than I gave myself credit for.
Sometime during those tough months, I heard for the first time the name “Life Unlimited”. You see, a dear friend of mine had the chance to attend the seminar. When she came back she shared with me what a life-changing experience it was for her. And indeed, she was not the same person she used to be. She was more balanced and at peace with herself. Still, at that time I was so detached from the world that I didn’t pay much attention to what she had told me. Yes, I was definitely not ready for the idea that such a seminar could exist. So the most natural thing in the world happened to me – I forgot about “Life Unlimited”.
And as the time passed by, I managed to pull myself from the “emotional black hole”. I got back on my feet and started living again. It was not an easy task, but I did it.
Oh, and guess what, right around the time I started to get my life back together the name “Life Unlimited” popped up in front of me again. The difference is, this time I was ready to listen.
So, I got a basic understanding of what the seminar was about. Yes, I knew that it was supposed to be a truly transformational experience that could change your perception of the world and make you become more connected with yourself. But, let’s face it – that’s a general description. It didn’t really explain what would happen to me if I decided to apply.
Nevertheless, I had the strong feeling that I was supposed to go to this seminar. Yes, I based my choice solely on my intuition, but trust me, this was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I didn’t know if I was going to be selected to participate and I didn’t know what to expect from it. However, the moment I said to myself that I was going to attend the seminar no matter what, everything started working in my favor.
And so, in mid October 2013, I found myself a participant in the fifth edition of “Life Unlimited”. For sure, this was one of the craziest challenges in my life. Nope, I am totally not joking. You see, it is my belief that every participant experiences the seminar in a different way. I can’t speak for the rest, but for me “Life Unlimited” was a true challenge. I received the opportunity to face the darkest moments of my past, to understand how they have made me the person I today and to let them go. Thanks to “Life Unlimited” I am finally at peace with myself.
Today, I accept who I am as a person – a beautiful and independent woman. Yes, I still have my “small self-doubts and insecurities”. I see them; I understand them; I welcome them. Nevertheless, I do not let them define who I am as a person and what my future should be like.
To all of you lovely ladies, who are wondering whether or not you should apply or not, I can say the following:
“If you feel that this is the right moment and this is the right seminar, go for it. JUST DO IT!!! The easiest thing you can do is say no. I am certain that you can come up with at least 17 reasons why you shouldn’t apply. So, I dare you – Take a leap of faith and press the submit button of you application form! You will be surprised by the outcome!!!”

Velina Petrova, participant in Life Unlimited 5, October 2013