Nina Ray

 Remember when you were a child and people asked you: 

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Maybe you felt helpless because you didn’t have a clue what “the right answer” to that question was … And maybe you still don’t… 

Or you belong to the lucky ones who knew at very early age what their calling in life is…And who still have let their dream fade away…

I any case, believe me, I know what it feels like… Because that used to be me…

Let me share with you the story of a little girl.
A girl who wanted to become a fairy.

She wanted it so badly that she was dreaming about it day and night… And she could almost see the joy in the eyes of the ones she would help be happy by making their wishes come true…

But one day people started repeating to her over and over again
that fairies existed only in the fairy tales,
that it was high time for her to think about her future,
that she needed to find a “proper” job, to come down to earth and be realistic.
So, year after year, she started letting her dream fade away until she forgot about it. Completely.

What happened was that over time this little girl turned into a beautiful young women who was enjoying a lifestyle most people would only dream about.

However, no matter how prestigious her job was, how beautiful countries she was able to visit etc., she felt empty inside. As if something was missing… As if there was a deep yearning buried inside of her that was waiting to be expressed and didn’t leave her in peace.

“There should be more to life than this… What am I here for and why cannot I find my calling since I am looking for it so hard…?”

No matter how much she was struggling to figure it out, it simply didn’t work.
Things became even worse when her body got sick and didn’t let her move out of her bed for a month.

As result of this, the young and “successful” woman lost her prestigious job and step by step reached the bottom. It was as if some higher power was saying to her: “This is not what you are meant to be doing here, dear, so unless you want us to keep on giving you more and more painful warning signs, better stop.”

Having lost everything that used to be part of her life, not knowing what to do from now on, having no clue whether she would ever be able to find THAT calling she had been searching for so long – all this made her feel lost…

So, the only thing she was able to do in her situation was to let go her past, to give up all attempts to find what her purpose was and to start living here and now. Which was everything but easy.
Still, day after day she started being more and more present and conscious of what was happening in every single moment and living it fully no matter what it was bringing to her. And step by step she realized that she didn’t need anything from the outside world in order to feel happy inside.

This is how, one morning some months later something extraordinary happened. She woke up and saw all her life passing in front of her eyes.
And suddenly she realised that everything she ever did was with the desire to make people happy.

And she remembered that when she was little she wanted to become a fairy so that she could help people be happy by making their wishes come true. That was the very moment when her mission in life became crystal clear to her. Since then she is on a journey of discovery. Hacking happiness.

The girl in the story is called Nina.

This is what makes me believe I know very well what it is like to feel stuck as if something is missing, to be aware that you have a great hidden potential and still to be unable to tap into it on your own etc.

This is how I re-connected to my fairy purpose and started leading people through experiences that deeply and lastingly transform their life for the better.

Nina Ray



The fairy is standing in front of you!
Are you ready to make a wish and
start living your life unlimited?

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