About Nina



Nina Ray is the first happiness coach in Bulgaria, a celebrated personal coach and one of the leading experts on transformation, self love and unlimited abundance.

She is the creator and the leader of the phenomenal seminar LIFE UNLIMITED, which offer breakthrough approaches to experiencing deep and lasting personal transformation.

Life Unlimited, as well as the other seminars of Nina among which Truly a Woman, The Art of Doing Nothing, Me and My Dreams, Me and the Others, Me and Money have met with stunning success helping hundreds of women and a little less men to rediscover their true selves and lead fulfilling lives, to realize their values and allow themselves to create the life of their dreams, beyond prejudice, stereotypes and adversity.

As result of her practical and efficient approach, as well as her previous corporate experience, she designs and delivers special Corporate Taylor-Made Training to corporations, professional and non-profit organizations that help them become leaders on the market in which they operate. Nina empowers people with her revolutionary methods for personal fulfillment and professional success.


Certified as a NLP COACH PRACTITIONER LEVEL, in the Professional NLP & Coaching NLPt (Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy) by the Austrian Center of NLP & NLPt, and accredited by EUCF (European Coaching Federation), EAP (European Association of Psychotherapy) and EANLPt (European Association of Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy).

As an acclaimed authority on happiness and unlimited abundance, she is often approached by media for her insights. Nina has been on numerous national and regional television and radio shows and has been interviewed for major newspapers and magazines.

Nina is a living example of what it is to discover and follow one’s purpose no matter what kind of challenges you meet on the way. This is how her own mission came to life – to help one million people on this planet feel happy irrespective of outer circumstance.

What differentiates her from all other speakers is her ability to guide and help people realize what kind of limiting beliefs and fears they have, how it happens that they sabotage their happiness, love and success and what practical steps to undertake in order to transform them and to start living the magnificent life they were initially designed to live.

And all this in an environment of sharing, friendship and support where people dare to listen to their hearts, pursue and achieve their dreams, and simply love themselves.

The feeling of hope and calm happiness is what Nina brings with her presence.

What will happen beyond this is solely up to you – how open, how willing and how brave you are.