Personal Coaching


Are you feeling stuck or frustrated in your career?
Do you have the feeling that your relationships have lost their magic?
Have you ever wondered”Is this it?  There’s got to be more to life than this!”

If so, you are definitely in the right place!

Personal coaching
could be the catalyst that you’re looking for,
but only if you’re ready to
truly transform
your life, your work, your relationships and
enjoy the happiness, fulfillment and JOY that
you were meant to experience, every day!

What makes Coaching so valuable?

  • Coaching can help you discover what is truly important for you and what you truly want out of life;
  • Coaching can help you face your unconscious limiting models and transform them into a driving force;
  • Coaching can reveal to you how to build and nourish healthy relationships with the people around you without sacrificing your values
  • Coaching can enable you to increase tremendously your efficiency and personal content.

How is Coaching beneficial?

  • By asking the right questions;
  • By assisting you in connecting to your inner resources;
  • By offering you the space to discover your own solutions to your personal challenges;
  • By holding yourself responsible for your steps in the process;

What is the duration of one coaching session?

Around 60 minutes.

How does it take place?

Face-to-face or via Skype

How can you sign up for a Coaching session with Nina Ray?

In order to do so, please, click here or write an Email to
The timeframe for a response to your inquiry is usually 48 hours. You will receive an Email containing details about further procedures.
You are expected to meet the arrangement requirements for the booked session(s), such as arriving or appearing on time.
In case of an emergency or perceived inability to attend, it is crucial to give notice no later than 24 hours prior to the session.
Otherwise, you will be obliged to still make the payment (the entire sum) for the missed session.

What to keep in mind

The success of any coaching relationship depends to a great extend on YOU being proactive as the client.
A qualified coach can help you move on to the next level in life. However, it is important for any coaching relations You enter into that the decisions taken in the end of the sessions will be Your own. It completely lies on you whether you are going to undertake the steps you have pinpointed, explored and committed yourself to in the process.

For further inquiry, feel encouraged to write to

Nina Ray is here for you, more ready than ever to help you live Life Unlimited.