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For the last 3 years, I have been coached by Nina Ray. Right after starting, she began to improve all aspects of my working life. By simplifying work and by making better managing decisions, my employees are now happier and more relaxed, my income went up 3x – and I even decreased my working load, so that I am now only working 2 days per week. I wrote a bestselling book. I had 16 weeks of holidays and travels this year while my team (40 people) was running the company completely without me. Her calls give me clarity, and I am highly motivated each time to do my next projects. Thank you Nina for helping me come to this point where I can have a life that is now way beyond what I thought was possible.

Udo Gollub

CEO, 17 Minute Languages

I attended several seminars & workshops around manifestation facilitated by Nina. I was blown away by her generosity, kindness & powerful positive energy. Nina will help you open new doors, express your potential & call yourself to action with a bright smile & sparkling eyes. You’ll feel like you are gently nudged toward greatness by a strong, caring hand in a soft, velvety glove. Give her a try, your future self will deeply thank you for that smart move!

Kevin Moreau

Nina is a heart centered coach committed to the transformation of her clients with a vast toolkit of resources which she masterfully accesses. Definitely someone to have in your backcourt if you aim to be a peak performer.

Payhuan Shiao

Founder & CEO, Immortal Studios

I highly recommend Nina’s work to anyone who is looking for someone who can help them discover and realize their full potential. Her insightful approach and knowledge are really at the highest level. Her workshop on manifesting your dream life was  an unforgettable experience, leading to endless insights and practices with which to go about designing your life. Nina is truly able to help anyone overcome their challenges with ease.

Alexander Karagiozov

Artist, Entrepreneur

Working with Nina was an amazing opportunity for me! Believing that anything we want is available to us and receiving the tools for manifesting my dreams was a game changer for me! Since working with Nina I’ve been able to call many great things into my life and her guidance and coaching put me in a position to go out there everyday being my best self!

Sergio Navarro


It’s been a real pleasure working with Nina, her combination of gentle insight and supportive challenge has helped me ask different questions and reframe how I see myself. Each time that has opened up a new idea or opportunity for who I could be in the world.

David Carboni